Under Armour HOVR Mega 3 Review

Under Armour HOVR Mega 3 Introduction

The Under Armour HOVR Mega 3 is said to be their most cushioned running shoe on the market. Looking at the sole of the shoe, there is a noticeable difference but I wouldn’t say they feel extra cushioned. The upper on the other hand is very cushioned.

Under Armour has been trying to get on the radar for avid runners for the past few years. They have been constantly trying to update their technology and make their signature midsole something that is desirable.

I have tested out a few Under Armour shoes like the Charged Asserts 9 & 10 and the HOVR Turbulence 2’s.

I would never pick them for long runs but I think they are great shoes and Under Armour is definitely getting on the right track. Talking about the UA HOVR Mega Clone 3 again, I don’t even know what category I would put them in.

They are on the bulkier side, weighing in at 11.5 oz (Women’s and Men’s) I don’t think that is accurate but that’s what I found on their website and they have an 8mm offset.

Under Armour has been making big strides to have their shoes labeled as running shoes and they have packed a lot of technology into this pair.

The area your eyes will be drawn is to the UA Clone upper which provides a precise fit. They have an external TPU heel counter. A 3D-molded sockliner. UA HOVR™ midsole. Lastly, you’ll notice the carbon rubber pods under the heel that are supposed to help with traction and durability.

They are on the pricier side at $140 and I personally would never pay that for them. But, they do have a lot of new technology and are well-made. They are just not my cup of tea. Maybe once the price drops in them, I would purchase them to just be an athleisure pair of shoes.

Under Armour HOVR Mega 3 First Impressions

My first impression of these shoes was a surprised one. Looking at them online and then in person, did catch me off guard.

In person the upper looks like a knitted sweater. That is what they are trying to go for in a way. They pride themselves on this stretchy upper. It’s stated that it expands and contracts to give you a snug fit that works for various feet.

Putting them on for the first time you right away notice the upper. It is comfortable but feels heavy and thick. It’s been cold where I live so I found myself grabbing these shoes to go for walks or to run errands.

The second thing I noticed when I put them on, the heel counter felt very low and was not built up like I prefer. Lo and behold, when I took them out for a run that’s an area that gave me a little annoyance.

My first run was a 5k and that distance was plenty far in them. They lacked in responsiveness and made me feel like I was working harder.

Under Armour HOVR Mega 3 Upper

The upper is what first draws your eye. It’s one of a kind and I haven’t tried an upper like it. I understand the concept behind it and like I have said many times, I don’t mind it for a casual shoe.

I felt like while I wore it for running, it suffocated my feet. It made me think I had little knitted sweaters on and that’s how the material looks as well.

UA calls it their Clone upper and says it was developed to give you a precise fit that expands and contracts to give your foot a seamless feel.

The heel counter is external TPU and I don’t think it gives you a nice locked-in feel. No matter what lacing technique I used, I had slipping. Nothing crazy but enough to notice. It almost feels as though the heel counter is made much shorter than typical running shoes.

Looking at the tongue and laces. The tongue is gusseted and it is very padded. The laces are flat and stayed tied when I double-knotted them but when I would lace them up I found them hard to pull tight due to a lot of padding. On either side of the upper where the laces are, you’ll find the lacing holes reinforced with a plastic/ rubber material. This is to help add a more secure fit over the top of the foot.

The last area of the upper that I did find appealing was the 3D molded sock liner.

Under Armour HOVR Mega 3 Sole Unit

The sole unit is comprised of their signature UA HOVR cushioning. I recently tested out the UA Turbulence 2’s and I highly recommend them. They also have a HOVR midsole. I had never worn a pair with it so I did some research and this is what I found out.

HOVR is a proprietary foam compound developed in collaboration with Dow Chemical, and it’s held together by an ‘Energy Web’ compression fabric that holds the foam, providing superb cushioning and shock absorption.

This technology is uniquely Under Armour’s. They have partnered with Dow Chemical to create this midsole, which makes sure that the UA HOVR is made from the highest quality materials and that the energy web compression fabric secures the foam.

UA says that this midsole will mold your foot and give you back the energy you put in with every step. Over time I did feel as though my foot did mold into the sole, but I found them to be lacking in their energy return. To me, they pounded the ground and made me feel like I was clumsy.

An area I did find appealing and most definitely comfortable, was the carbon rubber pods that were under my heels and high-impact areas. They gripped everything. I had zero slipping in these on various surfaces.

Another plus area would be durability. I have worn them for 50 miles, plus many hours of everyday wear and there is little to no sign of wear.

Under Armour HOVR Mega 3 Conclusions

The Under Armour HOVR Mega Clone 3 is a cool and unique-looking shoe. After many attempts of wearing them, they have grown on me and I could tolerate them for a few miles of running in them.

I would never reach for them over other running shoes I have. I would wear them if I needed a pair of shoes I knew would be comfortable wearing all day.

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