What’s the plan and weekending!

Before we start, I must share that my favorite lululemon vest and my #1 winter running coat are on a huge sale right now. I wear both of these all winter long and have for a decade. I’ve never seen either of them so cheap! Both fit true to size… I have a size 6 in both. Here and here!

(shirt, shorts, shoes)

Saturday’s run felt very eventful. Our friend saw a cougar on the trail just ahead of us, a bald eagle flew right over our heads, and there was a mannequin head in one of the trees that we saw in the dark, which really freaked us out. We definitely took a few stops along the way due to these events.

Fourteen miles @ 7:58 average.

53 miles for the week and adequate endorphins to get me through a tough week of life.

Beck woke up, and we went straight into birthday mode.

My little buddy. We spend a lot of time together, just the two of us.

He was so happy to finally have his own scooter like Skye.

And then he requested pretzel bites with his grandma at the mall.

Followed by ice cream. I went to Yogurtland four times a week with Brooke when she was his age, and I think this was Beck’s second time ever going here. Times have changed.

On Sunday, we woke up and watched the NYC Marathon, and it sure made me want to run it again someday. Watching Kellyn Taylor lead the women for so long with a ten-month-old at home… She is so inspiring to me.

We had family over for corn chowder.  I don’t think it is possible for me to ever tire of soup.  

When Skye heard that my dad used to buy my art from an art store I set up in our house, she got to work making art for him to buy from him.

Look who is back to kicking around the soccer ball with the kids?! He ditched his crutches!

We finished with chocolate cake with chocolate icing for the chocolate lovers’ birthdays.


Tell me a highlight from your weekend!

Did anyone run NYC?  I want to hear about it!

Who has a treadmill and do you find yourself using it more in the winter?  Which treadmill do you have?

Question from Andrew-> What is your official drink for fall?

-I could live off of chai and hot chocolate.

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