Tuesday Tangents!

On Marathon Monday 2022, we ran Boston together, and on Marathon Monday 2024, we ran 11 miles @ 8:18 average together and stopped for water at a Chevron… It was basically just as exciting.

Beck and I watched the marathon from the couch.  I was in heaven, watching the leaders and tracking all of my friends on my phone simultaneously.

For dinner I made my kid’s favorite-> chicken roll-ups.

Now let’s get talking about some other things:

*Emma Bates’s face looked so relaxed as she was leading.

*I was so impressed by Lemma leading and running alone for most of the race.  I’m telling you, the adidas speed shoes are amazing.  I think Lemma agrees with me.

*The female winner, Hellen Obiri, has a larger arm swing than the other athletes, which made me feel better because I was told just last week that I needed to chill out with my arm swing.

IMG 7944

*Beck told me he would grab a snack to eat in the car as we were taking the kids to school… Did he think the kid’s school was 2 hours away?!

*My allergies have started to kick in.  PLEASE SEND ME ALLERGY MEDICATION RECOMMENDATIONS.  I want to feel better, but I don’t want to be a zombie from allergy medication.

*These are my friend’s Alphafly 3s that she wore for Boston.  I am so intrigued.  I want to try them, but I wasn’t a big fan of the 2s, and I’m wondering if anyone has tried both and if the 3s are much different.

Screen Shot 2024 04 14 at 5 03 21 PM

*Utahns, if you have the frozen Ruby Snap cookies that you bake at home at your grocery store, please purchase them. I needed these after a looooooong day.

*One of my favorite IG accounts shared this wisdom with me, and now I need to get this bread:

IMG 7828

*Utah is getting a hockey team, which I am pleased about.

*Brooke found where we stayed in Sevilla, Spain, on Google Earth, making us want to pack our bags and return.  She didn’t use the address to find it; she just remembered the different buildings and streets we took to get to it from the Plaza.


Allergy medication help!  Do you deal with allergies?

Have any tangents today?

Do you have any fun deal tips like the Jimmy John’s day old bread one?

Thoughts from the marathon yesterday?  Anyone run it?  How did you do?  How was the weather?

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