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Adidas Supernova Solution Introduction

Adidas once again revamped their Supernova line in recent months. Three options that are sure to offer something for any runner out there. The first to be released was the Supernova Rise.

The Rise is all about lively responsiveness in the form of a neutral daily trainer. Next up was the Solution, which this review is about.

Think of the Solution as the stability version of the Rise. It has added support for runners that commonly overpronate.

Lastly, the Stride which is the budget friendly option of the bunch.

Dreamstrike+ midsole foam is the latest and greatest tech that you’ll find in the Solution. This was developed from LIGHTSTRIKE PRO, which runs in the Adizero lineup, with added comfort and cushioning.

Another notable feature is the Stability Rods found between the midsole and outsole. Made up of dual-density EVA foam and designed to guide a runner’s foot through each stride. Adiwear is the outsole of choice in the Solution, making for a grippy ride on various hard surfaces.

The shoe sits at 36mm in the heel and 26mm in the toe making for a very noticeable 10mm drop. Shoe weight seems to be middle of the road for a daily trainer at 10.3oz in size 9 mens.

At a price tag of $140, these shoes seem like a very good buy when you consider the new technology that Adidas has invested into the Supernova line.

Adidas Supernova Solution First Impressions

It was hard to look past the bold colors of the Supernova Solution. A rich blue covered the shoe with shades of baby blue in the midsole and yellow accents on the sole and tongue. Surprisingly, I could only find this colorway and another; black, white and gray.

Upon first inspection, the shoes felt well constructed and light weight for the amount of foam in the midsole.

When trying them on, I could feel every bit of the 10mm drop. The shoe does not hide it well and with the EVA foam in the heel, there seemed to be little forgiveness right off the bat. Overall, the Solution felt true to size in both length and width. I’ve always been in-between sizes when I wear Adidas. Historically, 11’s felt too short and I’ve bumped up to 11.5. The 11’s received here were perfect.

My first run went down with no major complaints. A steady pace for 6-7 was well within their capabilities. I mostly land on my midfoot when running and the DREAMSTRIKE+ was quite lively and enjoyable through the midfoot and forefoot.

I could quickly tell that they would be able to endure plenty of miles and would be a solid daily training option.

Adidas Supernova Solution Upper

As I stated before, for me, Adidas typically seem to run short and a tad on the narrow side. I had no issues with length or width. The upper, which Adidas calls Sandwich mesh upper, feels like a standard upper material. Nothing to write home about but it was comfortable and got the job done.

I have to point out the tongue. It was not gusseted and seemed to have more material than actually needed. I could notice the excess material towards the bottom of the tongue every time I ran in them. They didn’t rub or cause issues, but the feeling was present and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Definitely a questionable decision to say the least.

Because of the odd tongue, these shoes felt a bit floppy until laced up completely. Once laced, they had a secure, comfortable lockdown and there was no sliding or movement of my feet.

I did most of my testing in 30-50 degree temps so breathability wasn’t a big issue. Having said that, because of the multi layer upper, I could see these being warm in the summer.

Adidas Supernova Solution Sole Unit

There are a handful of things to point out regarding the sole unit of the Supernova Solution.

First, cushioning. There is plenty of it in the midfoot and heel of the Solution. The majority is made up of the DREAMSTRIKE+ foam compound that is new to Adidas.

DREAMSTRIKE+ also comes in the Supernova Rise model. This foam is really impressive. After the testing period and many additional miles they are as soft and resilient as the day I got them.

Additionally, there is a more dense EVA layer of foam around the heel. This is defined by the light blue wave shaped design. Because the Solution is a more supportive version of the Rise, there is more of this dense foam found in the Solution.

As for stability of the shoe, there are three main features to mention.

– The dense layer of foam previously highlighted is one. There is more of this layer in the Solution than the Rise. The Rise will have more give to the heel, making it feel softer while the Solution will be a bit more firm.

– Also the Solution will be wider through the midfoot allowing for more stability as you transition through your stride.

– Lastly, the Stability Rods help guide your foot through each stride.

It seems like an odd decision for Adidas to move away from Continental Tire for the outsole rubber. I’ve had a few pairs of Adidas over the years and the ultra durable rubber was a mainstay.

The new Adiwear is a solid alternative but I can’t tell if I’m biased towards the previous offerings. I didn’t have any issues with the rubber. Not quite as tacky as the previous material but still gave me confidence in wet or uncertain conditions.

Durability wise, they also seem to be holding up great. The pictures in the review are after 100+ miles and you can see that there’s little sign of wear. So I guess in short, the outsole material isn’t a noticeable downgrade. Most runners will be quite happy with how long they hold up.

All in all, I found the ride of the Solution’s to be quite welcoming. Slower runs or recovery days seemed to be the sweet spot for me and how I utilized them. I will continue to use them when they are the best option for the type of run on that day.

Adidas Supernova Solution Conclusions

As someone who likes and prefers lower drop running shoes, it’s hard for me to provide an unbiased opinion on the Supernova Solution.

I didn’t like the pronounced 10mm heel to toe drop paired with the firmer foam in the heel. They felt like a hindrance most of the time.

I think runners like me would much rather enjoy the characteristics of the Supernova Rise. They have the same 10mm drop but a softer heel makes the drop less obvious.

BUT for runners that land on their heels and are looking for a neutral shoe with smaller stability features added in, the Supernova Solution will be a great option. They are durable, well constructed and packaged up for a price that won’t break the bank.

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