Does it haunt you too?

(Shoes, pants, shirt, and I’m just hoping I can put my gloves and headbands away VERY soon.)  I ran 9 miles at an 8:35 pace. My legs were very aware of the hill climbing I had done the day before.

The day he gets to go to school with them will be the best day of his life.

Andrew buzzed Beck’s hair, which aged him about ten years, in my opinion.

IMG 7282

I made a rookie mistake by storing our puzzles and card games within reach of toddlers… Beck had his friend over, and while I was cleaning the fridge and thinking they were playing with Magnatiles, they dumped out a few puzzles and mixed them together.

IMG 7306

Some new springish nails.

IMG 7309

Cross Country for our elementary has begun!  This is my 3rd year coaching, and I write more details about it in this post.

Running was not my thing in elementary school, so I am always shocked by how many kids come out and run with us a few times a week.  The beads they earn after each practice are the #1 motivator for many of them.

Dinner was quick. I added some shrimp to this spaghetti carbonara from TJ’s, along with roasted brussels on the side, and it was amazing. I’ll be stocking my freezer with these.

IMG 7311

Andrew ate later when he got home and assumed it was homemade!

A friend of mine just ran a PR in her half marathon over the weekend.  She was so excited about it but told me how the 8 seconds she was off from her A goal was haunting her.  It got me thinking about the 29 seconds that still haunt me, haha.  I don’t see myself ever running this fast of a marathon again because I think this big of a downhill marathon was a one-and-done for me (my body can’t quite handle too much downhill anymore), and so being 29 seconds away from a 2:39 will forever haunt me;). Isn’t it funny how a few seconds can bug you so badly after a race even though, in the moment, you were giving every last ounce of yourself?!  Runners are strange.

Screen Shot 2024 04 08 at 10 25 14 AM

We hope you have a beautiful day.


Beck and Janae

IMG 7317

Is anyone haunted by a race where they were just a bit off from their goal, and you still think about it?

Did you like running in elementary school?

Have you made any rookie mistakes in life lately?

Beck wants to know if you have seen Sandlot.  After Andrew showed it to him, it is his #1 favorite topic right now.

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