Asics METASPEED Edge Paris Introduction

In case you aren’t familiar with ASICS’ confusing naming system, the Edge Paris is the third version of the Edge series. The first version was the Edge, the second was the Edge+.

According to the designers, they named it the Edge+ because they didn’t think the updates were significant enough to warrant calling it the Edge 2, and they named the 3rd version the Edge Paris because of the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris this year.

The first two versions of the Edge lived in the shadows of the Sky and Sky+. The Sky has been the more popular of the 2 ASICS super shoe racers because it was softer and more cushioned than the Edge. I felt that the first 2 versions of the Edge were too firm for running marathons in.

This year, the Edge has more stack height and is more cushioned so a lot more pro ASICS sponsored athletes are choosing the Edge Paris over the Sky Paris. Emma Bates, Sara Hall and Lyndsay Flanagan are some of the ASICS athletes who have switched to the Edge from the Sky.

I chose to review the Edge Paris over the Sky Paris because I prefer a more aggressive forefoot rocker. I also feel that a carbon plate that dips down at the forefoot section provides more propulsion.

The Edge Paris weighs 6.5 oz (185 g) which is a substantial 0.9 oz (26 g) less than its predecessor. It has stack heights of 39.5 mm and 34.5 mm (same as the Sky Paris) which is 0.5 mm more in the heel and 3.5 mm more in the forefoot than the Edge+.

Asics METASPEED Edge Paris First Impressions

My first run was an interval workout on the track consisting of 24 x 400m intervals. The Edge Paris was really impressive during that workout. It felt like it was giving me plenty of speed assistance and it was so comfortable that it disappeared on my feet.

It felt similar to the original Metaspeed Sky but with a firmer ride. The carbon plate positioning in the midsole provided a similar type of propulsion.

The new midsole foam felt a little firmer than I was expecting and it didn’t feel extremely different to the FF Turbo midsole that was in the Edge+.

Asics METASPEED Edge Paris Upper

The upper of the Edge Paris is made from a highly porous mesh which is very breathable and lets in more air than previous versions.

The tongue is not gusseted and it has a loop on it for the laces to go through, although the tongue is pancake-flat so it still slides downwards during runs and lets through lacing pressure.

The Edge Paris has a narrow toe box and is shorter in length than most running shoes so I suggest going up a half size from your usual.

It has a narrow last which is not suitable for wide feet and the toe box has a little too much height so there’s some mesh puckering. Overall foot lockdown is excellent

Asics METASPEED Edge Paris Sole Unit

The Edge Paris is fast but it’s not one of the fastest racers I’ve tried. The forefoot rocker combined with the stiff plate and the firm midsole foam provide a really propulsive ride that makes any uptempo run feel effortless. Its super lightweight build also makes it feel very nimble.

Where the Edge Paris is lacking is its forefoot rocker which doesn’t feel as steep or aggressive as in other racers.

When you’re running at fast paces, and you’re leaning forward into the rocker, you don’t get the feeling that the shoe is throwing you forward.

I like the setup of the plate. The carbon plate of the Edge Paris starts high up in the rearfoot and then dips down in the forefoot, in an “S” shape. This anchors the front of the plate so that when you load the heel, it propels you forward like a springboard. This is why the Edge Paris suits heel strikers more than the Sky Paris.

In the Sky Paris, the carbon plate has a flat profile and the front of the plate is situated in the middle of the foam, not anchored by the ground. When I tested the Sky+ last year, I didn’t feel much speed assistance because of the flat shape and the linear positioning of the plate.

The Edge Paris feels great during fast-paced runs: intervals, tempo runs, and threshold runs. It’s ok for steady paces but for easy runs, it’s too firm and the shoe doesn’t feel special. It suits short and middle distances- for long runs exceeding 30 kilometres, I find it too firm and not protective enough.

My longest run in the Edge Paris was 39 kilometres. During the long run, its performance was great. It shifted from steady pace up to marathon pace easily and the forefoot rocker helped me to get into a rhythm.

It was only after the run when I encountered a problem. My heel was bruised and sore due to how firm the midsole was. That long run was in temperatures of under 8 degrees Celsius so the ride felt even firmer. The heel soreness persisted for 2 days.

The new FF Turbo+ midsole doesn’t have much give, so the ride is on the firm side, especially in cold weather.

If you like super soft racers like the SC Elite v4, the Vaporfly 3 and the Rocket X 2, you won’t like the Edge Paris. With the firm midsole foam of the Edge Paris, I feel like I’m not engaging the plate fully.

Just like the Edge+ and the Sky+, the Edge Paris has outstanding outsole durability. I’ve done 120 kilometres in my pair and the outsole still looks fantastic. Traction is also exceptional. I did 2 runs while it was raining and I didn’t have any slipping issues on the track, sidewalks or tar roads.

The yellow overlay on the side of the midsole is starting to peel off which looks bad but it hasn’t affected the performance in any way.

Asics METASPEED Edge Paris Conclusions

I’ve done 140 kilometres in the Edge Paris and while I do think that it’s fast, I wouldn’t call it a fun shoe.

It doesn’t have a super aggressive rocker, doesn’t feel bouncy and it feels rather firm. I had heel pain after my long run in it due to how firm it is. I’ve never had heel bruising from a shoe before so I know that it’s because of the Edge Paris.

I’ll definitely be racing a half or a 10K in it but for a marathon I’d rather pick something softer like the Endorphin Elite, Alphafly 3 or the Rocket X 2 which offer more protection. I’d classify it as 2nd tier for the marathon distance but I think that it’s in the top-tier for half marathons and below.

If you’re used to and you enjoy firm rides, the Edge Paris is a great marathon racing option for you. It feels stable, is super lightweight, has outstanding traction and a comfortable upper. It’s definitely an upgrade over previous Metaspeed Edge versions.

I don’t think it’s as good as the original Metaspeed Sky (my all time favourite super shoe) which had the same plate shape as the Edge Paris but had a much softer midsole foam.

The Edge Paris is the second best ASICS super shoe I’ve tried.

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